Dog breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

Breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke
United Kingdom,Wales
25-27 lbs
12-15 years


The breed Welsh corgi, relatively recently started gaining popularity. Today more and more lucky owners of Welsh Corgi can be found on the streets. So, a bit of history. According to one legend: good Welsh elves, in the county of Cardigan gave farmers funny dogs which looked like foxes, which have become excellent helpers of shepherds. The first mentions of this breed date back to X - XI centuries in Britain. Corgis were presented at dog shows only in 1925, in England, and it caused the interest to the breed. Welsh corgi is a pet of the royal family. A special contribution to the popularity of the breed has made Duke of York, who gave his daughters a puppy Corgi. Since then, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is an admirer and connoisseur of the breed. In the palaces can be seen many pictures with images of royal pets. Exterior of the breed Welsh corgi breed is divided into two types: Pembroke and cardigans. The main differences: - Cardigans are larger than Pembroke; - Eye shape and sometimes color; - The size and shape of the tail ( Pembrokes usually have shorter tails); - The length and thickness of hair; - Color; - Shape of the head (Pembroke more look like foxes and cardigans look more foxlike); - The temper (cardigans are more moderate, Pembroke is more funny and emotional) Although Welsh Corgi belongs to the family of Shepherd, they are smaller than their relatives: height at withers 25 - 31 cm, weight - 10-15 kg. Color: reddish - white, tricolor, sometimes brindle. The tail is straight, not a ring wrapped. Long body and short legs, wide ears, round at the tip, always stand up.


If you decided to take home the Welsh corgi, then be prepared for a lot of positive emotions and smiles. This is a great breed for the family, and loyal friend to man. Welsh corgi never shows aggression to people or other animals. Know that your pet you will be a true friend. In sad moments, it will put its fox attractive face on your laps.


Welsh Corgi is an amazing dog, its small height does not prevent them to be brave, active dogs. This breed is highly adaptable to different environmental conditions (great feels itself in the apartment), friendly and patient. Welsh Corgis are very loyal to the family in which they live, they get along well with children. Since initially this breed was a shepherd, it is important for them to gather all together, the breed has excellent intuition and feelings. Rumor has it, that these dogs like human laughter, they take part in circus performances in England. Your pet will try to please you and make you laugh, at their foxy attractive face there will be constant good-natured smile. Welsh Corgis are very interesting, especially in puppyhood, they have a very good memory. They are very fond of swimming, and row with its funny legs.


Welsh corgi is not fussy, it is enough to wash them if needed, but not too often, so as not to wash a natural fat. Comb them once a week, although in spring and summer the breed sheds much and daily combing is necessary. Ideal will be a massage brush or with rounded teeth. Corgi differ with good health, but due to the structural features of the spine, you have to be careful that the dog does not injure playing too active games, such as jumping. You should also pay attention to the eyes and to show it periodically to ophthalmologist. To prevent different diseases it will be enough to wipe them with a cotton pad and clean ears, cut claws. Like many breeds Welsh Corgi is also likely to be overweight, so it is better to choose balanced meals and avoid fatty foods, as well as chicken. It will be ideal, if the 30 - 40% of the daily ration is real meat. Add into the diet fruit and vegetables, boiled rice or buckwheat.


Welsh corgi is a very intelligent breed. Training is given to them easily and basic commands Corgi memorizes quickly, even at a young age. You may want to try to teach them to bring things, it will be just a joy for your pet. You should not yell at the dogs, they do not perceive information in a raised voice. Leave more toys when you leave the house, and when you return, you will hardly find spoiled furniture or shoes. Welsh Corgis are herding dogs, smart and quick-witted, so there are no problems with training. Often this breed is used in service, but not for security.

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