Breed Rottweiler
77-130 lbs

How to choose

If you decided to buy a Rottweiler puppy, you have to certainly ask the seller about its Pet Passport in which all vaccinations and disinfection measures must be marked.


Do not play with a dog in "tug of war" and don't pull the leash harshly, which it holds in its teeth, because you injure spoil Rottweiler bite in such a way. Hoove is a dangerous phenomenon for this breed, if the animal whins, refuses to lie down and breathes heavily, you should call the vet. To avoid the hoove and other digestive problems, you should feed Rottweiler twice a day and don't exceed the recommended feed for its age. Vets do not recommend to feed the dogs in stressful situations: before the show, travel and travels by planes. Many Rottweilers are very voracious, however, don't allow the dog to eat averything it wants. Moreover, when it's eighteen months old the intensive growth finishes and the animal needs fewer calories.

Rottweilers are subject to hip dysplasia. A characteristic feature of this disease is limp it's difficult for the dog to overcome the slippery surface. For accurate diagnostic X-ray examinations should be done. Do not put newspapers on the floor in the box, because the puppy will think that you want him to pee on it. Sometimes, during the change of teeth permanent teeth grow and milk teeth are preserved. In this case you need to consult the vet and remove milk teeth.


At the pet store you can buy a special box. Its purpose is to accustom the puppy to cleanliness. Many Rottweilers willingly sleep and spend time in these boxes. When the puppy "asks" to go on the street, you can safely let it walk around the apartment. A little Rottweiler should walk after it wakes up an after each feeding. It's important to immediately begin to teach the dog to discipline. Training is necessary because uncontrollable Rottweiler is very dangerous. Train Rottweiler strictly, however, physical punishment is unacceptable. Keep in mind that at the age of eight weeks, some representatives of this breed have some changes in behavior, the dog may start to ease itself in the apartment, be picky in food and demonstrate disobedience in training. This phenomenon disappears in a few weeks, breeders call this state the eight-week injury.

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