Doberman Pinscher

Breed Doberman Pinscher
60-100 lbs
10-11 years


Dobermann was bred in Germany in the late 19th century, primarily as a watchdog. Its exact ancestry is unknown. However, it is believed, that this is a "mixture" of several breeds of dogs. Including, Rottweiler, black and tan terrier and German Pinscher. This is courageous guard dog.

Dobermann has slim body, zootypic cropped ears and tail. The exterior of this dog is aristocratic. Dobermann is very energetic and intelligent, suitable for police and military work, dog sports. It may be a family companion and guardian, as Dobermans are very devoted.

Since the Dobermann has appeared only in the late 19th century, in the world of dogs it is still a baby. However, there are no difficulties for Dobermann to become one of the most popular and recognized breeds in the United States, for example.

You can often hear that the Doberman is a ferocious dog. Indeed, it can be aggressive to strangers because it is afraid of them. That is why it has earned such a reputation. Nevertheless, it is an excellent guardian, gentle, considerate and loving dog. It is not asking for trouble, but will fearlessly protect the family of its master, if it feels danger. Dobermanns like to be part of the family, to be with those whom it loves. Moreover, naturally, it protects them. Dobermann is good to children of its master, friends, family and guests when treated kindly.

Despite its positive qualities, Dobermann is not suitable for everyone. It is big; weighs about 15-20 kg. It is extremely active, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it requires a lot of physical activity. It also gets very tiresome when it is bored. Its owner should be its leader to be able to properly raise a dog, give it a lot of time every day; the dog must always be busy with something. Such requirements are unlikely to be acceptable for people used to lead a laidback lifestyle.

Now, Dobermanns look slimmer and sleeker than before. Experts note that the temperament of this breed is also somewhat changed, it became softer. Although, this is still a great guard dog.

Initially, the dog's ears were cropped, to make its hearing sharper, and the tail is cut to be more bracing. North American breeders usually tailed and cropped ears of Dobermanns, when they were puppies, although this is not required. In some countries, tailin and ear cropping is prohibited.

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