Breed Bloodhound
80-110 lbs
10-12 years

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Bloodhound breed refers to those dogs, which you fall in love with all your heart. Pet owners admit that they are obsessed with their pet.

Features in the nature of the breed

Merits of the Bloodhound is affectionate and good-natured character. The dog is very patient to the children; you cannot be afraid and relax when a child plays with the animal. Its patience is limitless. The dog has a great dedication to the people with whom it lives nearby and generosity of the nobleman. It is somewhat melancholic and pensive. It does not show aggression to strangers, carefully sniffing can lie down side-by-side, expressing hospitality.

On top of this, the dog can be used for hunting, in the service at the border police and customs. The reason for that is an excellent sense of smell. It can take any track, even if it is not of the first freshness. While hunting, the dog is let on the trail, both small and large animals. They may be foxes, wolves, wild boar and even deer. The dog cannot run fast, but its excellent sense of smell, endurance and perseverance, compensates for this drawback. The dog does its job very aggressively and thoroughly informs about a positive result with barking. Bloodhound is able to travel long distances.
The nature of the dog has a certain share of stubbornness, which has to be overcome.

How does it look like

the dog does not refer to small ones. It is quite strong and massive animal. The height at withers can reach up to 70 cm and a maximum weight is about 50 kg.
It has a harmonious body. The chest is developed and deep. Limbs are straight, parallel to each other. While moving they provide graceful and smooth gait.
The head is heavy, but narrow and always raised proudly. The snout is long. The eyes are yellow or have brown shade.
The ears are set low, hanging. They are long, soft and thin; there are small folds on them.
The thick tail is set high.
An interesting feature of bloodhound is the folds on the neck and head. When the dog is on the hunt and pursues the beast, folds fall a little, just covering its eyes. This does not allow the dog to be distracted by other things and concentrate as much as possible at work.
The skin is very tough, and its quality protects the animal from injury during the hunt.


In general, Bloodhounds are healthy and hardy dogs. However, they have one significant problem with feeding. Due to improper diet, volvulus may appear. A small problem can be considered hyper salivation.

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