Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Breed Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)
60-75 lbs
12-14 years


One of the most beautiful shepherds is called Belgian Tervuren.

The first brown-red long-haired puppies appeared in late 1800, when the brewer M.Korbel crossed exclusively red and black dogs, belonging to M. Donje.

These enthusiasts explorers later (September 29th 1891) joined Brussels club of Belgian Shepherds admirers (at that time in Belgium, there were many shepherd dogs looking differently). At the head of breeding was a professor of Kugerhem Veterinary Medical Institute, Mr. Adolf Relle.

Thanks to the right direction in activities of breeders just in a few years, till 1897, a standard of Tervuren was formed and approved as the breed.

But because of its spread mainly among common poor population official recognition and entry into the book of the Royal Society of St. Hubert also turned away until 1901, till Tervuren began to live among nobles.

After recognition a long stage of improvements in appearance began, character and working abilities, which lasted almost until the final determination of the standard and its adoption by the FCI in March 2001.

Today, middle-sized graceful dogs (with the height up to 65 cm, weight must not exceed 30 kg) with a long straight (without evidence of waviness) hair of all shades of red, gray, yellow or black color (an important feature is light hair at the tips must be black) are spread worldwide. Also required feature is stand-up black ears and the snout of the same color (called the mask).


For many years dog handlers have reached a universal breed, which can be a guard of the house and a family, a shepherd, a lifeguard, a guide dog and a seeing-eye dog.


Particular care must be paid to the dog's health. Regular visits to the vet are recommended and the necessary vaccination conduction, as well as the creation of a special diet in order to keep the dog fit (dogs are prone to obesity), nervous, immune and bone and cartilage systems (vitamin complexes are required, particularly the group of vitamins B is useful, adding raw cartilage and veins to the ration).


The best conditions of keeping - in a country house, on the street, in a kennel where the animal will feel the freedom of movement (it isn't allowed to take on a leash). At the same time the owner should not forget about education (approach to each dog is individual, but it doesn't like physical strength) and the socialization of his pet.

Tervuren care is reduced to combing, cleaning ears, wiping eyes and hard physical training (because the animal is very hardy and should throw fully its energy).

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