German Shepherd Dog breeders in New Jersey

Catalog of official dog breeders of the German Shepherd Dog breed in US by New Jersey State.

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Breed German Shepherd Dog
47-88 lbs
9-13 years
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List of German Shepherd Dog in New Jersey State

Breeder Name Location of breeder Website
Shake A Paw Union USA, NJ, 07083
Arale Kennels-Lowenhart Inc USA, NJ, 08527
Agincourt Kennel USA, NJ, 08210
Elite Dog Breeding and Boarding Services USA, NJ, 08088
D and G pups USA, NJ, 07513
Wayne Puppies USA, NJ, 07470
Icewind USA, NJ, 08865
Regal Dobermans USA, NJ, 08758
Shake A Paw Green Brook USA, NJ, 08812
Indian Creek Kennels USA, NJ, 07416
John Soares K9 Training, LLC USA, NJ, 07456
Janry Pet Resort USA, NJ, 08886
American Dog Federation USA, NJ, 07727
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary USA, NJ, 07041 USA, NJ, 07470
Best of Breed USA, NJ, 07726
Pro Canine Center USA, NJ, 08825
K9 Unlimited USA, NJ, 07416
Holland Hills Kennel USA, NJ, 08848
Krushk9 Dog Training Services LLC USA, NJ, 08050
White Wolf Dog USA, NJ, 07882
Lucius Maya GSD USA, NJ, 08053
German Shepherd Dog Club-Amer USA, NJ, 08060
Lions Pride Kennels USA, NJ, 08812
Cross Keys K9 USA, NJ, 08094
Metro K9 Academy USA, NJ, 07869
Mercer German shepherds USA, NJ, 08068
Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club USA, NJ, 07430
Vom Hismerh Kennels USA, NJ, 08344
Jagermeister German Shepherds / Carlos Rojas K9 USA, NJ, 08533
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