German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale in California

Catalog of official dog breeders of the German Shepherd Dog breed in US by California State.

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Breed German Shepherd Dog
47-88 lbs
9-13 years
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List of German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale in California State

Breeder Name Location Website
Vom Hognadottirs USA, CA, 95664 website
Wildwood Mountain Ranch German Shepherds USA, CA, 95684 website
Rasenhof German Shepherds USA, CA, 92040 website
Von ward Kennels USA, CA, 91906 website
Velknerhaus German Shepherds USA, CA, 95815 website
Von Schutz German Shepherds USA, CA, 90068 website
Diamond Oaks Ranch USA, CA, 92562 website
AusDemWald German Shepherd Dogs USA, CA, 96027 website
Inland German Shepherds USA, CA, 92880 website
Riohaus Shepherds USA, CA, 95603 website
Von Wolfhausen GSD s USA, CA, 92595 website
Ellamarie s German Shepherd Dogs USA, CA, 95965 website
Aus Dem Tal German Shepherds USA, CA, 93263 website
Von Allen Haus German Shepherds USA, CA, 91752 website
Vom Rheinlander German Shepherds USA, CA, 92504 website
Kreative Kennels USA, CA, 95361 website
Haus Tyson German Shepherds USA, CA, 94025 website
German Shepherd Breeder USA, CA, 90504 website
Lane s House Of Shepherds USA, CA, 90807 website
Ellamaries German Shepherd Dogs Home of De Alma Indiana USA, CA, 95965 website
Tanzer German Shepherd Dogs USA, CA, 92585 website
Von Daily German Shepherds USA, CA, 91737 website
Sprague s German Shepherds USA, CA, 95901 website
Wüstenberger-Land German Shepherds USA, CA, 91390 website
Inland German Shepherds USA, CA, 92880 website
Von Salerno German Shepherd s USA, CA, 92584 website
Oak Glen Kennels German Shepherds And All Breed Grooming USA, CA, 92399 website
Rotterbarental German Shepherds USA, CA, 92545 website
Hinterland German Shepherds USA, CA, 95222 website
Dakonic German Shepherds USA, CA, 96007 website
Zwinger vom Roten Wald German Shepherds USA, CA, 94538 website
Central Coast German Shepherds USA, CA, 93446 website
Nadelhaus German Shepherds USA, CA, 96021 website
Lundborg-Land German Shepherds USA, CA, 92570 website
Topshepherd | German Shepherd Kennel | California, USA USA, CA, 92592 website
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