Talking sulfur crested cockatoo and macaw available for sale


450 $

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United States of America
+1 (412) 307 7864
Pet Type: Birds
Pet Price: 450 $

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Talking sulfur crested cockatoo and macaw available for sale.Hand domesticated, friendly, baby talking Cockatoo and macaw parrots for sale. These birds are very friendly and they do not bite. They are beautiful birds is about 3-15 months old. They are so young. Since these birds are hand tamed, not hand-reared, they enjoy the outdoors and love to stay outside the cage. They also love the extra cuddles and attention. These birds are a perfect buy. These birds can enhance the hand. These beautiful babies would make a great family pet. macaws Hyacinth scarlet Blue and gold Cockatoos sulphur crested cockatoo lesser sulpuhr crested cockatoo bare eyed cockatoo goffin cockatoo umbrella cockatoo galah cockatoo moluccan cockatoo triton cockatoo Elenora cockatoo Text or call +1(412)307-7864

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