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sun conure
Illinois, Chicago, 60601
Pet Price: 400 $
Pat she is fun to be with you will really love her
black headed caique
Illinois, Chicago, 60601
Pet Price: 700 $
She is so lovely,wonderful,playful,amazing good with kids and other animal around her
african grey
Illinois, Chicago, 60601
Pet Price: 600 $
She is so cute just make sure you take good care of her for me because am going to miss her so much
solomon island pair of eclectu...
Illinois, Chicago, 60601
Pet Price: 1200 $
Harley and xoxo are so adorable and you will really love them because they are the best i will really miss them so much cos they are my everything
rose breasted cockatoo
Illinois, Chicago, 60601
Pet Price: 600 $
Her name is Willow she is super friendly,playful,awesome,amazing good with humans and other pet around her you will really love her
rose breasted cockatoo dna tes...
Texas, Houston, 77005
Pet Price: 1000 $
Currently hand feeding are sweet baby Rose Breasted Cockatoos, these species make great family pet companions super sweet and cuddly.They are ready no...
hand raised scarlet macaw alre...
California, Los Angeles, 90021
Pet Price: 900 $
scarlet Macaws are famous for their stunning beauty and rainbow-like color pattern. They are extremely intelligent and tend to be good talkers. A Scar...
active and talking baby africa...
Ohio, Columbus, 43215
Pet Price: 800 $
Hello to all bird lovers, we are licensed breeders and supplier of tame parrots. We have available tame babies and adults CONGO AFRICAN GREY parrots r...
sun conure parrots available m...
Ohio, Columbus, 43215
Pet Price: 650 $
We have available tame male SUN CONURE parrots ready for new loving homes. All our birds are DNA tested(proven males and females), hand fed and hand r...
blue and gold macaws for sale
Ohio, Columbus, 43215
Pet Price: 800 $
Hello everybody we have available male and female baby Blue and gold macaws for sale. All our boys and girls are DNA tested(proven males and females...
macaw parrots for sale
United States of America
Pet Price: ask
We are licensed breeders of a wide variety of macaw parrots, cockatoos, grey parrots, Amazon parrots, ostriches, Emu etc. We also sell Fertile parrot...
dna quaker parrots available
Florida, Orlando, 32886
Pet Price: 380 $
Quaker parrots available now to be re home. Pair . All in good health. Have had their shots and are very friendly . Comes with setup and papers. They...
sun conure
New York, Albany, 12209
Pet Price: 400 $
Hand raised and tamed sun conure parrots . They are DNA tested and Microchip . snuggling and riding around on your shoulder. It even lays on it's bac...
adopt african grey parrots
Texas, Addison, 75001
Pet Price: ask
GREAT TALKERS !!!! Over 100 words, phrases, & sounds. Learns something new every 3-4 days. They are very tame and affectionate. Comes with very large...
beautiful cockatoo parrots
Texas, Addison, 75001
Pet Price: ask
I have Beautiful Cockatoo parrots with a cage, toys and accessories. they are very sweet. Needs attention and I don't have time for them. Text for mor...
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