Gorgeous Hand Reared And Cuddly Baby Galah Cockatoos For Sale.


500 $

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United States of America
+1 (857) 209 8255
Pet Type: Birds
Pet Price: 500 $

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Rosie is our amazing Galah Cockatoo, she is very loving can say lots of different phrases, sings, counts and is very tame. She now needs a new home as we just don't have the time to give her the attention She needs due to me starting full time work. She loves spending time out of the cage and just looking around. She will say hello and good morning when you get up in the morning, she will say night night see you in the morning when you go to bed and also says bye when you leave. This is a very reluctant sale as we really didn't want to have to sell her but it's not fair on her spending most of the day alone. She comes with Her cage, toys and a bag of parrot food. Any questions feel free to ask :) (857) 209-8255 for more details and pics

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