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WE SUPPLY BEST QUALITY STINGRAY FISHES LIKE MOTORO FRESHWATER STINGRAY, FRESHWATER FLORIDA STINGRAY, FRESHWATER HYSTRIX FISH AND AROWANA FISHES OF ALL KINDS LIKE, ASIAN RED, SUPER RED, RTG, CHILI RED, GOLDS, ETC ALL EQUIPPED WITH CERTIFICATES AND CITES PERMIT WE DELIVER LIVE AROWANA BY AIR CARGO, SO WE CAN DELIVER TO ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD RE-SELLERS ARE WELCOMED TO INQUIRE QUALITY AND HEALTHY A GRADE, WE GIVE THEM OUT AT AFFORDABLE PRICES, Text:706-705-2579 email; paulmolina401@gmail.com Text:706-705-2579 Diamond leopoldi Stingray Green Asian Arowana Banjar Red Arowana, Red Tail Golden, Qian Hu Red Tail Golden Panda Gold High Back Red Tail Golden Red Tail Golden Splendour Chilli Red Arowana Super Red Arowana Tung Hu Chilli Red Arowana Crossback Golden Arowana Violet Fusion Super Red Blue Base Golden Crossback Red Splendour Crossback (Tong Yang) Platinum Crossback Arowana Super Red Arowana-0047 Panda Wild Blue Super Red Arowana - 0035 Super Red Arowana - 0067 King Super Red Arowana Super Red Arowana super Red Arowana SILVER AROWANA WEEK DAY SPECIAL WEEKDAY ONLY Highback Gold Arowana For sell super red arowana red tail gold asian arowana chipped and certificate 20 RTG arowana High Quality Asian Arowana Silver arowana healthy silver arowana Bajar red arowana. About 10-12 inchs, comes with papers. Eats very well. 18 Jardini Arowana Stunning - 10 inch Super Highback Gold Arowana - Certified Red tail arowana (Lucky fish) Albino arowana Albino arowana(yellow species) for sale, 22 Highback Red Tail Golden Arowana Super red arowana CONTACT NOW ON MORE INFO SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY SEND US YOUR CONTACT E-MAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERS FOR FASTER RESPONDS Text:706-705-2579 ALL INTERESTED PERSONS SHOULD CALL,

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