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Unfortunately we have decided we need to find our girl a new warm loving home. We’ve had her since 8 weeks old and she has a lovely temperament. She has been raised in a busy household alongside 5 children of varying ages and other dogs. Unfortunately some of our other dogs are small breeds and she has now on a few occasions too many turned and had a go at them. We could have her spayed but it’s not guaranteed to help hence why we feel she needs a new loving home but with NO SMALL BREEDS DOGS. She’d be happy on her own or we have other large breeds she is absolutely fine with and loves tumbling about playing with and never once turned on. She has got a small umbilical hernia that was there from birth where the umbilical cord was. This could also be sorted when being spayed as it does not affect her daily life but also means she shouldn’t be used for breeding. She is due her booster this July. She will go out for a walk but she quickly sticks the brakes on and will just sit there and she’s not a dog you can just pick up, she’s pretty solid and heavy, so she’s not gonna be the best jogging companion and hiking buddy if that’s what you desire. As I have said she is a beautiful loving girl with people, children and bigger dogs....just not small dogs. If you’re interested pls msg me with what you have to offer her home and setup wise. Any questions just msg.

I will not sell her to just anyone, she’s not to be kept outside either, she’s used to a couch indoors among her family. If you’re looking for a status dog don’t waste my time and if your out full time working please don’t bother. I will
also add don’t waste my time with silly offers.


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