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Pet Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
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!!!!!! loving and sweet Yorkie. She is approximately two years old. We recently adopted her but quickly found that she had some bad behaviors that were not disclosed. These are not behaviors that could not be fixed by someone with more time and expertise than I. The behaviors are digging, jumping when say hello to you and getting on top of counters / table to steal food. She doesn't scratch or chew on stuff. She is crate trained but seems to not like being alone. She barks when we left for about 5 min before stopping. She is the greatest girl and loves sleeping on your feet at night or on the couch to snuggle. Also LOVES having her head out the window. Please let us know if you're interested. Very reasonable rehoming fee, we dont want money more than we just want her to go to a loving home.(580) 289-3217

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