TICA REG Bengal kittens a male and a female


Pet Breed: Bengal, 400 $

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United States of America
+1 (617) 340 9210
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Bengal
Pet Price: 400 $

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TICA REG Bengal kittens a male and a female Waiting for their chance at a good life Amazing,Very@B@engal kittens@. Beautiful male and female Bengal kittens, has just been groomed and treated for fleas and ticks. Ears are cropped and vet did great job. He is doing great with house training and sleeps in a crate. His name is Jason and he is very, very smart. He gets along well with all other cats. I don't have any cats so not sure about them. He loves everyone. Very Social as they are played with daily. Will be create and started on kitten pad training. WILL ONLY GO TO A GOOD HOME. VISITS ARE ENCOURAGED during weening process for easier transaction home. If local will bring to your home for drop off to verify home. Guaranteed Health. For pet only will consider breeding rights for extra charge.waiting for their chance at a good life Amazing,Very@Bengal kittens@. waiting for their 2nd chance at a good life Amazing, Very Bengal kittens Very Affectionate Young Bengal kittens to Good Homes looking for homes These are not cheap pets. House broken...Will include food, dishes, treats, toys, bedding, extra large space for their routine plays, leashes, walking collars, brushes and everything they need.They need a good loving home with lots of room to ran around and yard. 15 weeks Show Quality Purebred Registered Bengal kittens..The little ones loves cuddles and attention! such a sweetheart and very playful. they can be the best friend for your kids and part of your family vaccinated, micro-chipped, trained.They're about 3.5 mths, very well behaved, and just want love. they've never shown any aggression, and are just the best Bengal, PLEASE contact me if you have young children living in the home, There is a rehoming fee Amazing cats for a loving family, but also love to sleep inside and cuddle. fs gdfs ##fgg **Aprox 15 weeks old Bengal kittens***** . both love to play very athletic# Allergy friendly babies for those allergic to cats, extremely affectionate, playful, quiet and intelligent. They follow us around, are gentle, purr and are wonderful with children and other pets. Please note, however, She will be ready for her TICA test when she turns a year old to start task training. She's a big lover. She's a dry mouth unless she just drank water. 2.3lbs right now and she will continue to grow until she is older. She is still growing tall wise and is getting bigger every week. She is a wonderful cat but I just can not take care of her anymor

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