Persian cats for sale


Pet Breed: Persian, 80 €

Contact with owner

+381 (64) 468 80 06
+381 (61) 643 31 21
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Persian
Pet Price: 80 €

Advice when buying a Persian

  • We are not responsible for transactions for animals you find on this site
  • Check out the sellers. Make certain they are legitimate
  • Never pay via Western Union or Money Gram
  • Check out the transporter of the animals
  • Read about Persian breed to research and find out more about this breed
  • Make your own arrangements for transporting your new animal
  • Ask for phone numbers and addresses of sellers, then google them
  • When purchasing registered animals, ask for pedigrees
  • Make sure the shipping company has a USDA license and can be checked out with the BBB


Persian kittens for sale, different colors (see on pictures), both females and males. Feel free to ask questions about them! Contact: - (english, hungarian, serbian) - only call: +381 (64) 468 80 06 / +381 (61) 643 31 21 (serbian)

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