German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale in Florida

Catalog of official dog breeders of the German Shepherd Dog breed in US by Florida State.

Here is a list of official dog breeders of the German Shepherd Dog breed. Our website is to help everyone who wants to buy dogs of a certain breed find responsible and reliable kennels in the US.

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Breed German Shepherd Dog
47-88 lbs
9-13 years
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List of German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale in Florida State

Breeder Name Location Website
CR Shepherds USA, FL, 33982 website
Ghost-K9 (German Shepherd) USA, FL, 33010 website
Von Der Tetiaroa German Shepherd Dogs USA, FL, 34452 website
Zwinger vom Bestinhaus German Shepherds USA, FL, 33031 website
House Of Shepherds USA, FL, 34613 website
Osborne Central Florida Kennels USA, FL, 33567 website
AKC German Shepherds | Orlando, FL | German Shepherd Breeder USA, FL, 32159 website
Berg Quella Kennel USA, FL, 32720 website
Appleridge German Shepherds USA, FL, 34482 website
Florida Shepherds USA, FL, 32720 website
Eickental DDR German Shepherds USA, FL, 33569 website
Venom Kennels german shepherd breeder USA, FL, 33844 website
The Lords Shepherds USA, FL, 34714 website
Von Blanca German Shepherds USA, FL, 32464 website
Marcantel German Shepherds & Rescue USA, FL, 32507 website
Elite DDR German Shepherd Puppies USA, FL, 34711 website
El Divo German Shepherds USA, FL, 34638 website
Wolves Den Ranch USA, FL, 34432 website
Miami German Shepherd Puppies USA, FL, 33033 website
Das Fellrakete Kennels German shepherd breeder USA, FL, 33844 website
German Shepherds Puppies for Sale in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL – Di Montely Kennels USA, FL, 33415 website
Redland Vom Schaferhunde – Redland German Shepherds USA, FL, 33187 website
German Shepherds from Land of Hurricanes USA, FL, 34652 website
Von Calvo German Shepherds USA, FL, 33165 website
Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds USA, FL, 34601 website
Be Bright German Shepherds – German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Central Florida USA, FL, 32736 website
Haus Brezel German Shepherds USA, FL, 34240 website
Ruskin House of Shepherds USA, FL, 33570 website
Florida German Shepherd puppies Dog Breeder USA, FL, 32038 website
Florida German Shepherd Puppies USA, FL, 32159 website
AKC German Shepherds, Puppies and Adults from Shepherd s Meadow USA, FL, 32124 website
South Florida German Shepherds USA, FL, 33142 website
Southernwind Kennels German Shepherd breeder in Florida USA, FL, 34604 website
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