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English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel - About dogs

These dogs are nice and obedient, intelligent and smart, they are easily trained and educated. This breed is enthusiastic, inquisitive and adventureous. They are...

Alaskan Malamut, the riding dog.
Alaskan Malamut, the riding dog. - About dogs

Nowadays, there are many kinds of sport. There’s a new one – dogs’ racing. Such dogs as Alaskan malamuts take part in these competitions. His...

Irish Wolfhound at home
Irish Wolfhound at home - About dogs

If the person has his own house and wants to have a big dog then Irish Wolfhound is the best dog for him. This ancient breed dates back more than 2000 years. It is...

First commands for training dogs
First commands for training dogs - Care for dogs

Training a dog is a very responsible thing. During first weeks talk with your dog calmly and softly. Whatever are his faults blame yourself, but not him. You are his...

How to take care of a rising puppy
How to take care of a rising puppy - Care for dogs

If you have a puppy of a small breed, it will be easier to take care of it. You will need a comb and a small brush. If your four-month puppy has already overgrown...

Some facts about cats.
Some facts about cats.  - About Cats & Kittens

For emotions in cats and humans respond the same areas of the brain.  The cat's heart beats twice as fast as the human (from 110 to 140 beats per...

Cat breeds - European Shorthair.
European Shorthair.  - About Cats & Kittens

European Shorthair cat - a direct descendant of the terrible cold and cats from ancient villages of Europe. Modern representatives of European shorthair breed - the...

Scottish Fold cat: funny individuals
Scottish Fold Cat - About Cats & Kittens

Scottish Fold cats delight at first sight: small, folded forward and down, ears, and big round eyes. And yet known unusual plasticity of the body: the ability to sit...

Car behaviour
behaviour - About Cats & Kittens

Much of the behaviour that the modern domestic  cat displays directly  relates to its wild origins. This is not always socially acceptable, but cats are...

The evolution of the domestic cat
The evolution of the domestic cat - About Cats & Kittens

All cats are descended from their larger, wild relations and soma of this heritage can still be seen in the modern domestic cat, whether pedigree or...

The history of the domestic cat
domestic cat - About Cats & Kittens

Throughout history, the cat has been subject to several ups and downs in the popularity stakes.     Some of the earliest evidence of...