New Zealand White rabbits for sale in CA


15 $

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California, Boulevard, 91905
+1 (619) 887 6035
Pet Type: Reptilies
Pet Price: 15 $

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Beautiful New Zealand White Rabbits from different bloodlines to prevent inter-breeding. Because they are handled daily, they have very docile personalities and would make excellent gifts as pets. I sale a lot as anniversary gifts and birthday gifts as well. They are solid white. We feed them organic pellets and greens. We let our bunnies out regularly to exercise in rabbit runs. Their droppings make excellent fertilizer for plants as it wont burn as other fertilizers will. New Zealand Whites are the most popular commercial meat rabbit. Young rabbits up to 8 weeks old are $15.00 and breeding age adults are $35.00. i ALSO SELL SEVERAL OTHER BREEDS .Call to check availability. I do deliver to the El Cajon area. Call to arrange a meeting. Call Alana at 619 877-6035.

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