blue laced wyandotte young rooster


10 $

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Texas, Kirby, 78219
+1 (830) 385 2801
Pet Type: Farm
Pet Price: 10 $

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currently named "chicken" this rooster was indoor raised his entire life, he likes chin scritches and heat lamps. not afraid of other animal, will fight to protect your hens. crows on a regular schedule ish. about 8 months old, should have his first molt soon. i got him as a 2 day old chick from a reputable farm and thought he was a hen, the crowing is too loud for indoors so hes gotta go :L i love him please dont eat him.. hes about 2 pounds and about 1.5 feet tall these pictures are a bit old, his wattles and comb are much bigger now, i just wanted to show how affectionate he is

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