8 weeks male and female English Bulldog puppies. neutered.


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Florida, Fort Lauderdale, 33301
+1 (469) 900 1807
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Bulldog
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8 weeks male and female English Bulldog puppies. neutered. 100% housetrained. Great with other dogs.. LOVES to play catch. they would literally play all day long if we let them. We have a fenced in yard. they goes to the door and barks when they want to go out and as soon as they are done they barks to come back in. If you leave them out they will bark non stop until they are let in. They have never had any health issues of any kind. We want to ensure they are going to a home that can afford and give them the care they may need. This is not a cheap breed of dog. They require a lot of care and love. Please be prepared to tell us about your family and housing situation. We will not let them go with just anyone. Thank you. contact and text us now via (469) 900-1807 for more details

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