Long-haired breeds greyhounds

A breed of hunting. A very ancient breed whose existence can be traced throughout the ages. We derive it in Afghanistan. At home, they were used for protection, as well as diluted because of the beautiful exterior. This dog is quite high . Growth in adult males withers 65-75 cm and in females it is about 60-65 cm, they weigh 23-28 kg . The Constitution of the firm, dry. The head is slightly elongated, machined .

Afghan Hound
Luxurious wool and straight. In Afghan elegant looks, slim figure. Coat color varied. It is a very friendly dog​​, gets along well with children. Because the nature contain a certain amount of independence, the need for education of firmness and perseverance. For health, it needs a long paddock and exercise. Wool nuzhnoon is carefully combing every day and take care of it .

Russian Borzoi

Refers to a long-haired breed of hunting. On it is known since the 13th century. Russian Borzoi - is a graceful and beautiful dog with a strong constitution. Height at withers of adult males is 75-86 and in females about 68-78 cm color of wool can be diverse: white, red, fawn and gray with different shades. Sometimes it is fashionable to meet black and brindle dogs. The dog has a good vision , very playful. At the time of capture of wild game exerts a force and a sharp shot. It has a balanced and reserved character, it needs frequent and long walks. Could easily become a pet .


Saluki (Arabic: Saluki, English. Arabian Hound, Gazell Hound, Persian Greyhound). Refers to the short-haired hunting dogs. Another name for this breed - Persian greyhound. It is derived in the Middle East to participate in the hunt gazelles.

Saluki is distinguished by its hunting abilities. A dog can develop amazing speed , keeping up with fast horse. Saluki - the embodiment of grace and elegance in behavior, willows, too, she dog - catcher, an unusually high-spirited and tireless in tracking down game. Height of an adult sobaki60 -75 see it well and proportionally combined. Hair smooth, silky. Coat color can be white, cream, fawn, golden- haired, red- red, black, gray. Dogs of this breed is easy to keep a home where she will immediately become a favorite of the whole family, including children. Saluki watchful and faithful, devoted friend. To maintain the health of the dog is in good condition it should give a lot of walking and exercise.