English setter

English setter is a stunning example of a hunting dog. The animal has soft, at the same time vigorous movements, has the beauty and elegance of the constitution, and remains resilient and strong.

Height of setters is above average; strong and dry physique.
These dogs are balanced, have a calm and a friendly character, accommodating and kind to people; they are well trained and have excellent working qualities.
Setters have thick, straight, quite shiny and silky hair. On the head and feet it is short, but in other parts of the body there are beautiful flowing tows. Color of dogs can be bi-color or tri-color with a variety of color variations.

English setter has expressed love for hunting; it is an indefatigable participant in this, it may for long time explore the surrounding area, even if it is attended by little amount of living creatures. It masters well different operating racks, easily passes in the process of energetic gallop to creeping, supine position.

English setter has long been used for hunting in the conditions of water and land, on the field or marsh game.
English setter does not just love an active load, it needs that. In the absence of the necessary active exercise, a dog can get sick or show behavior of psychiatric disorders. The animal needs long walks and games; you can train a dog to run after the bike, it will help it to reset the accumulated energy. Especially, such athletic burden will undoubtedly benefit the animal.

Under these conditions, the dog will feel well, living in an apartment or house as a companion. Setters are ruly; they can behave well in houses of detention, they are friendly, but completely unobtrusive. Setters get along with kids very well, love to play with them; adequate, well communicate and do not show any signs of aggression. Extremely rare are animals with signs of aggression or fearful. Setters can perform at home some security function, although it is more difficult for them, considering the innate friendliness.

In addition, care for a dog is simple. Despite its long hair, they almost do not shed and the owners just need to comb the animal with a special hard brush or mitt. In addition, the setters could be called clean animals.