Hunting dogs

Drathaar and Shorthaired Pointer, like all cops, very affectionate, attached to the owners and cleanly. These dogs belong to the wire-haired, short-haired cop. On the hunt they are universal - rabbits, birds, large ungulates. After the training, will be able to keep the apartment. If you are an avid hunter, choose Pointer - this is one of the best setter dogs. Pointer - muscular, with a high forehead, thin tail, smooth-skinned, able to instantly freeze. Another of his dignity - a great family dog, loyal and friendly. Hunters can choose and setters: Irish - red or blond, English - the white specks Scottish - black and yellow. Setters are very mild in nature, have a surprising intelligence. They are held and as a friend, family member, not just for the joint hunt. The strongest setters - Scottish. It is massive, his hair thicker and longer. Spaniel - the most popular of the species. They contain not even for hunting, and as an ornament, and joy in the house. Working close to the quality spaniel setter. In addition to the resemblance they share common traits. They are polite, intelligent, friendly. There are more than 10 varieties. The American Cocker Spaniel - the smallest of the lapdog spaniels, rising 38 cm He has a very distinctive head: it combines a voluminous, short muzzle and domed skull, large kind eyes, furrowed brows and long ears, covered with dense hair. Straight, long or slightly wavy coat. One-or two-tone color. American Cocker Spaniels are very happy, active, easy to train, obedient and very picky eating habits. Conveniently keep this breed in urban apartments, and especially in those families where there are children or the elderly. But it must be remembered that the coat of these dogs need to take care of.